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Greetings from the Bearpaw's Den. I'm Roger Gale, retired law enforcement officer and now full time hobbyist. This site is to show my hobbies and answer questions about them and maybe get you interested.
I live in Northeast Minnesota on Lake Superior with my bride of 46 years and have five children and a dog.
My interest in blacksmithing has been long term but actively about 15+ years where I've modestly taught at different venues. I've been into leather work since the '60's now specializing in knife sheaths. My knife making has slowed down in favor of the other interests. My flintknapping is a part of my interest in the fur trade rendezvous.
My children's lives vary from stay-at-home mom's to working in city administration, home care, and authorship of historical subjects.
Please contact me at: bearpaw@lakeconnections.net.                                                                                        I hope you enjoy your tour of my web site, Bearpaw aka Roger
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